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the game looks so ugly  


I hope this game will be once on android ...


Is the game still in development?

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Is there a way to edit or replace the alley?  

It's so narrow that people get stuck behind the walls


hello, how long does a pregnancy last?


280 Days




Hi, are there no further updates planned?


last i checked he was dealing with family thing


Wow, great game so far. I downloaded another city. When I edit the buildngs in the game, is there an option to save the edited city? So I can use these city in a new game or share with friends, so they have to edit the city by themself.


Could do with less control in the sex scenes when your partner cheats or you are watching some one else.


This is interesting


None of the Links work. Why can't you just download it through itch? 


Because the creator is inactive since may this year.

Deleted 80 days ago

Could you please make it so I don't have to download through megasync.

Deleted post

I would also add that you can play as a woman for free, and she can go to the gym and her muscles will grow, otherwise it's nothing much, I expected breast enlargement and maybe muscle growth in women

it's not working for me I download it and play it but it always gives me errors and never launches


Do you plan to translate it into Spanish?

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Isn't there an android version?


I keep getting  Fatal error when i have gay sex.

I had an issue where the game would crash when I was reaching orgasm.  I solved it by deleting the files in AppData.  The temp / cache files are located in C:\Users\<Windows user>\AppData\Local\LifePlay

You can also get there by typing %AppData% in Windows Explorer's address bar.  That will take you to C:\users\<Windows user>\AppData\Roaming\ and you navigate up to the AppData root to select the Local directory. 

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That's called AIDS (Joke)

no idea what is going on can someone help me out?

Hi, I have a female character and when she orgasms at 100% arousal the game has a fatal error and crashes. 

Is there a way I can get the crash DMP file to you so that we can find out why this happens?

To fix this, you need to go to “Settings” and check the “Disable Bonus Orgasm Rewards” option.

Ah fair enough, Ill report it as a bug on the Discord

I had an issue where the game would crash when my character was reaching orgasm.  I solved it by deleting the files in AppData.  The temp / cache files are located in C:\Users\<Windows user>\AppData\Local\LifePlay

You should also be able to find the crash dump in that folder.  %AppData% takes you to the Roaming directory, so you need to navigate up a level to get to Local.

I downloaded this, clicked "Lifeplay" then a window came up saying, "The following component(s) are required to run this program:
DirectX Runtime
Would you like to install them now?" I say yes and it takes me to "UE4 Prerequisites" Click install, it run for a moment, then says it failed. 

I'm using windows 7. What do I do?

It would be better if you'd install Windows 10, if you have that the Game should be fixed directly.

Can you upload the Optional Maps to other mirrors as well?

how do you download this

the link will take you to what you want to find, idk if the game is any good tho yet

ok thanks

cant play it cus it turns into a note pad can some one tell me how to fix this?

same here, still haven't found a fix, what about you

use win rar

Either use 7Zip or WinRAR.

can you explain more? 

Just go into a Browser of your choice and install one of them, then after you have installed everything aswell as the game, just click the gamefolder and open the Software/Game with right click and select either 7Zip or WinRAR.

The download is compressed (I assume as a .RAR) - you need to download software that can decompress it. WinRAR is free to use and well-respected - if you Google search it and download it, then you can use it to decompress the file that is linked here.

I have followed every step to download and add the extra maps, but they just won't load. Is there a way to fix that?


Quick question for the dev, is there a way to submit patches/additional scenes? 

Just reworked/fixed the RFM quest.

absolutely marvellous game! can’t stop playing it, makes hella fun!


So I have version 5.23. How do you use the Update Only files? 


quick question to the dev , are you planning on making more passive animations and models , I.E children/bady and the caring for them animations 


how do i install the opitonal maps ?

Extract the archive then move the content into {GameInstallationFolder}\LifePlay\Content\Heavy\StreetMap

So that {CityName}.uasset and {CityName}.uexp go inside StreetMap folder, and another (much heavier) pair of {CityName}.uasset and {CityName}.uexp go inside StreetMap\Static subfolder.


hey when I download on mega it turns into file instead of the game can someone tell me what to do. PS I downloaded the 64-bit version.


Can you make it for mobile


Are breast physics not currently available? I found the jiggle strength slider but so far they're completely solid.


I hope one day you can add small penis and big penis if man has small penis there is a very Hight chance to get locked in chastity (chastity device, cage) if you are submissive 100% the chance will be instant, the more you wont obey them the more your penis will stay locked up if it is locked up too long like 2 years or more it will shrink then it will be just a model nothing else ruined tiny penis only to be stepped on or tortured be your wife, master. you can add a feature in future to be a slave or master and obey they will humiliate you or do anything to you.

and it will be optional just like all fetishes.

I am trying to apply for a job at the job centre. How to check if application was successful? Is there anywhere to check what your listed work place jobs are?


I have issues where it's like the whole concept of clothing doesn't exist in the world and no matter what clothing I tell it to equip, nothing goes on. so everyone in the game just runs around naked 24/7. Aside from that I enjoy the game and keep coming back to it.


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