A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The latest version of LifePlay is always released immediately to everyone for free. If you enjoy the game, you can help by supporting the project on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/vinfamy

Change Log - New in v5.11 (29 September 2022):

- This is the second Kink of the Month update for September, focusing on Reverse Cowgirl (Rap... Music). This module is disabled by default, enable it first in Esc > Mod Manager.
- You come home to find a relative living with you having an awkward date with someone clearly not into them (or vice versa). Later on, you hear rap music between the two and you can join or intervene.
- When you play with yourself in your room and fail to keep it down, a neighbour may try to flirt with you later on. Rejecting them too many times and your increasingly frustrated neighbour may make you listen to rap music for your next solo session.
- If you previously sang rap music to someone before, their SO or sibling may confront you and suffer the same fate. 
- When you "Browse rap music website" at home, the willing volunteer may specify that they're on a dangerous day and have high likelihood of getting pregnant.
- Using the same action as above, the willing volunteer might turn out to be someone you've sung rap music to previously and now misses the sensation. If you return to someone enough times, Stockholm Syndrome kicks in and they'll beg to become your bf/gf or accept you as their Master.
- When you invade a home, your rap music fan now has a chance to not disappear forever, but reappear as part of the scene explained above.
- Just before going on a first date with someone you've just met via a dating app (whether the normal one, the interracial one or the age gap one), you accidentally discover that your date is currently wanted by another country's police for serial rap music. You can cancel the date, try to act vulnerable or try to serve justice yourself.
- Add more conditions to some existing scenes so that they don't trigger all the time or when not appropriate. For example, you're more likely to be surprised in your sleep with low energy and high intoxication (i.e. deep sleep).
- Some more bug fixes. I will continue to work on more bug fixes in the next update, alongside its main focus on Sex Worker.

LifePlay is a 3D life simulation sandbox with some role-playing elements, which allows you to play in 235+ real world cities. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, the game has extensive character customization and includes 850+ scenes, depicting life situations where your choice matters. The 3D sex scenes have 330+ animations, accompanied by well-written erotica. The game covers many different fetishes, but all of them are optional and can be disabled or enabled depending on your taste.

Despite still under development, with at least 2 updates each month since April 2018, LifePlay is already very close to being feature-complete, providing a full life sim gameplay experience. Both vanilla and fetish content are already quite fleshed out allowing you to enjoy the game for tens if not hundred of hours. It's also moddable - you can start making your own scenes with just Notepad.


Optional Maps (2 maps already included in base game)
v5.11 (29 Sep) - Mega.nz folder
v5.11 (29 Sep) - Other Mirrors

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And I Got Eh Quick Question: If I Download v5.10, Would it replace v5.9 or Replace  The Existing Files? It's Because I Downloaded The v5.9

I Got It, I Took Your Word on The Updated File & it Worked Thanks. :)

Silly Question: Can I skip updates? Like, if I have version 5.5, can I download 5.9 and be caught up? Or do I have to download 5.6 to 5.8 as well?

The update files replace the existing ones, so I think it's fine if you upgrade from 5.5 to 5.9 or higher. All you have to do is download the "UpdateOnly" file and unzip it in your game folder.

how do i play the game? i unpack it but then i need to open it with something but i dont know what

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Thanks to the dev for his work, the game is really good, I almost want to say that it's a sims for adults, the game is updated regularly and becomes more and more stable (I knew it in 5.8 and I just noticed that in 5.9 and 5.10 my pc heats up a lot less, so it's cool)

hello, im on linux and i dont know how to open the game, any help ?

trying to start the new orc gangbang event while interested in males causes a crash to desktop with the words "Fatal Error"

Deleted post

Yes you can disable pregnancy in the settings and kinks.

Deleted post

Will you be doing a mac release for this?

Do video game characters work with the png/jpg image character maker? Like obviously the original Lara Croft wouldn't work but would Lara Croft from the most recent game or Dina from the Last of us 2 work?


about kind fetish i think cumflation should be more than preggo but its about preferences

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How do you install this thing?  I have tried DLin numerous times and all I get is some zip drives that I can't open or extarct.  I give up.

you need a free program called  winrar  for example, that allows you to unpack the zip file and play <3

Personally, I use 7-Zip

Hi, when I was trying to install using the itch.io launcher it says, "This title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website" Can you update this so it can be downloaded on the itch.io launcher?

Why aren't files uploaded directly to itch?

probably too big for itch, last time I checked a game has to be under a specific size to be uploaded on itch

is there a way to download the additional maps without using mega? because mega is blocked by my wifi host

Is there a way for you to change characters within a save file?

When I try to download and install the game, I get an error message about the game being housed on an incompatible third-party website.


have a femboy or trans characters?


It is a pretty indept char creator, So you can make femboys, If you enable Trans characters (You can legit have 99% trans with 1% female and males turned off),


Can you create gay male characters?


Yea, You can make the world 99% only males, with 1% being ether trans or female


That's great to hear. I can't seem to download and install the game though, I get an error message that says the game is housed on an incompatible website.

What Download link are you trying? Mega.nz Folder or Other Mirrors? And What Browser are you using? I use Chrome and it downloaded fine using Mega Sync.

I tried downloading it through the Itch.io app and Mega.nz, but the app just goes right to the incompatible third-party website message, and the Mega.nz download just shows as a blank file.

Oh, And I use Google Chrome as my web browser.

That is odd, If you use a VPN, You might disable that while it downloads, Your anti-virus might also be affecting the download, Other than that, I do not know. Hope you get it fixed!

I downloaded the 5.0 stable version and it doesn't work at all I cant load any maps I'm just in an unmodeled alley no matter what I do or where I select to go. Suggestions?  Thanks!


Please make a mac version


Some day that game can be on mobile?

ah nvm i found it. I'll copy and paste the instructions for those who couldnt find it either:

Extract the archive then copy and paste its content into {GameInstallationFolder}\LifePlay\Content\Heavy\StreetMap

So that {CityName}.uasset and {CityName}.uexp go inside StreetMap folder, and another (much heavier) pair of {CityName}.uasset and {CityName}.uexp go inside StreetMap\Static subfolder.

(For those curious: the first pair holds the map data, while the second pair holds the 3d shapes of the map itself)

I saw on patreon that a new beta version released on the 8th. I'm guessing it's gonna be exclusive to patreon for a while, anyways Idk how to install new maps, so if anyone knows how can you please help me? (I'm probably overlooking something obvious, or something)

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Sorry, Where is the setting to change the resolution and windows mode? 

Hey...Just looked at the third-party mods, and most of them don't look interesting at all. the only thing I see worth taking(at the moment) is god mode; but god mod makes a game boring, and the only other mod I see promise in is highly limited.


enjoying this! would love to be able to play as a trans man, and for the bondage accessories to be available on the male characters as well (unless they already are and I'm just missing something obvious)

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I cant find the actual application itself to play or launch, just a bunch of other files after downloading and unzipping.

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I did download, unzip, but it wont LET me launch it because i cant find anything but other files instead of the thing for me to launch it/play it.

Deleted 175 days ago

when on MEGA Right click on a file and select "download as a zip" it should work


ok which version to download? theres so many files.

is there anything i have to have to run the game or can i just run it once its all downloaded?

just downloaded last windows update but maybe something wrong with my Pc .

I can’t see anything except texts but it used to work before updating, is there something I can try to solve this??


Wow this project is amazing and I'm loving all these updates.

I noticed that the source code uploaded to Mega.nz is quite old, any chance you might be uploading an update?

so i ended up just doing the terminal thing but for the part that gets replaced what location would i put there?


when i try to download it says  that its hosted on an incompatible third party website (im on a chrombook)

okay so i got the error that DirectX runtime is required so I installed it. yet when i tried to run the game after installing it it still said that DirectX runtime is requied to run this program? i am using 7zip to open the game so im not really sure what's going on. 

now its showing a different error,  syaing it couldnt start it and at the end it says returned 2? 

What do you mean you are using 7zip to open the game? It should just be an .exe file you launch.

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i meant just trying to open the game in general. sorry for any confusion!


Mac version please?? :)

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