A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The latest version of LifePlay is always released immediately to everyone for free. If you enjoy the game, you can help by supporting the project on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/vinfamy

Change Log - New in v4.14 (18 October 2021):

- This update focuses on Trans/Futa content. Remember, you can change the percentage of trans NPCs generated by the game in Esc > Beauty Standards & Npc distribution
- New Threesome animations involving Trans (or female wearing strapon) characters to cover some of the combinations that are still missing:
+ Trans Female Female (TFF)
+ Trans Trans Trans (TTT)
+ Male Trans Female (MTF)
- New option in the Finish page of the Character Editor (works for both the player and NPCs you can edit from the Contacts menu) to allow trans/ female characters to use male moans instead and vice versa
- New 'Pitch Multiplier' option under the Moans options above to alter the moans to a higher or lower key for that specific character. Obviously this is potentially useful for all types of characters just for the sake of variety, but is especially useful for trans characters (for example, if you're playing a transwoman and want to emulate the effect of someone born male feminizing their voice via surgery, therapy or practice, you can either still use the female moans but lower the pitch, or choose to use the male moans instead but increase the pitch)
- Add trans option to a few scenes that currently only generate / ask you to select male characters (breeding party, a night with colleagues, etc)

LifePlay is a 3D life simulation sandbox with some role-playing elements, which allows you to play in 235+ real world cities. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, the game has extensive character customization and includes 850+ scenes, depicting life situations where your choice matters. The 3D sex scenes have 330+ animations, accompanied by well-written erotica. The game covers many different fetishes, but all of them are optional and can be disabled or enabled depending on your taste.

Despite still under development, with at least 2 updates each month since April 2018, LifePlay is already very close to being feature-complete, providing a full life sim gameplay experience. Both vanilla and fetish content are already quite fleshed out allowing you to enjoy the game for tens if not hundred of hours. It's also moddable - you can start making your own scenes with just Notepad.


Optional Maps (2 maps already included in base game)
v4.14 (18 October) - Mega.nz folder
v4.14 (18 October) - Other Mirrors

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This game crashes on the loading screen...

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How do I actually access fetish content such as bondage? It is enabled, but for some reason I haven't encountered any at all. I've encountered NPCs that like it, but it's not an available interaction.

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Is it just me or does everyone else have problems with NPCS just constantly teleporting around, appearing and disappearing, etc? The game is just not smooth at all and my computer seems to be running it fine. My fps is always steady, etc. 
My character always does random things anywhere she goes. Say I go get a beauty treatment, half the time I'm standing there acting like I work there doing someone's hair, etc
Not sure if it has something to do with me using winrar to extract it instead of 7zip? I started doing it before realize it said 7zip but it worked so I just went with it.

Anyone know how to buy a farm?

This game really is amazing. But are there any plans to fix animations and to make them more fluent?

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Any plans on android version?

1.) How can I prevent the female from requesting another position? I would prefer not to get those type of prompts.  I put a checkmark next to 'AI Only Suggests', but the females still request other positions and intensities.

2.) A lot of the time, my male anatomy will poke through a female's stomach not necessarily because of the size but because of the angle. Is there a way to fix this?  I tried using the PenisRotation controls PageUp and PageDown, but it didn't do anything.

3.) Can I make the female get instantly wet after she already got off.  I don't like it when they are dry.

Hey, I like the idea of your game, yet none of the Graphics are loading for me, only the UI, and what the NPC's are saying, is there a way to fix this?

how can i download this as a zip file or is it for patreon only?

is there anyway to completely reset the game, it kind off broke, map, character, and buildings load but i can't do any actions or activities, even suggested ones. tried making a new save file, deleting the folder and extracting it again, even downloading the whole file again still doesn't work. Even tried older versions same outcome. any help will be appreciated.

Anyone having problem with the camera ending up too close after some scenes?

Is there a download tutorial I'm missing? I got something to open the 7z but now the executable won't run.

I think I had a similar problem, make sure all the files are in a new separate file.


You have to extract the 7z file before running the game. Use the "Extract" button, select a folder where you want the game, and extract. Now you can close 7-Zip, and then, go to that folder and run the game.

Thank you!

how do i download game im new to this site an oculus

this game is not rift/Quest compatible.

Most of the quest games require Sidequest to load them, which is a process I've never tried myself


Not anymore vr desktop let's you play unplugged through app . Also Firefox reality browser let's you open steam an play now to with update on vr desktop yesterday.  Its awesome an Firefox has game cloud to

yeah, but the game is still a flatscreen game. it has no VR functionality. so the only thing you'd gain using VD is privacy I suppose.

ok computer is good I just got the msi gaming computer 

you should be fine, then. you can download the game from one of the links in the download section.

excellent, when do you intend to improve the transgenders? (Leave the female characters with a penis and testicles and no vagina), I really like your work :)

I started up the game however when clicked new game to create my avatar I get a black screen. What's wrong with my game?

I'm Having the same problem, tried to look for a solution online but didnt seem to find anything, did you?

Hey, I was wondering if you could give the strapon/ dickgirl threesome poses the option to have the player to be bottomed? Also, to be able to wear bondage gear.


How do i download this? 

Can I usee Joiplay to play it on Android

I would imagine not considering it's over 20gb and probably has only pc controls.

How do I install the game? I've been trying to for a while now...

you download it from the mirror (not through the itch app), and then extract the zip or RAR file (depends which mirror you download from). it should work from there, click the 'lifeplay' exe in folder.

Thank you for the help, I've tried to use your method but it keeps downloading through the old windows 10 or something. I've tried using a flash drive and through my computer and nothing is working.

the 'old' windows 10? yeah I've got no clue what you're trying to do.
as it turns out, sadly it does not.

oh well, thanks for helping me anyways :)

All files I download are missing "X3DAudio1_7.dll" file.


how do i use the other maps

Will there be an android version in the future?


is there any way to keep everyone's boobs from clipping through their shirts?

Hallo, The Game Cracht by start my system Windows10 32 bit

just open the LifePlay.exe again. Sometimes it happens, it will run after a few attempts

give ever a Fatal Error DX verinon is 12 sorry for mistakes is not my languare i am  German


Unfortunately the DirektX package didn't help either the new insalation of OpenGL .Can it be that it only works with Windows 64 I have as stated above only the 32 versionWould be great if you would specify the minimum requirements like other games then something like this wouldn't happen.

Would be great if irgenteiner still has an idea about it would really like to play the game

LG Silana

Wait is the game like free roam or scenarios?

free roam

with some scenarios (called scenes) triggering during gameplay if certain conditions are met


Quite demanding i must say this game is. Maybe put a requirement to let our potato pc players know if their rig can handle this.

It doesnt let me select what city to live in....

only Central Bath and Central London is in the game by default (which is enough for most players). You need to download optional maps if you want others https://vinfamy.itch.io/lifeplay under Optional Maps

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I actually tried both of those towns and it still didn't let me pass. When I did add more maps the whole game just crashed after I picked a city to live in. Then the whole game died on me and didn't let me open it even if I deleted it and downloaded it again.

check your antivirus, it's probably too zealous and blocks the map loading process

Alright, I tried it and it works. Thanks for the help!

Does this have gay male content?


yes, optional. Enabled by setting your male character as interested in men in character creation.

Do I have to do something to transfer my save files into the new game?

Save data is stored in LifePlay/Content/Saves 

Move this folder from old version to new

Can someone help me :(. Game is always crashing whenever it is loading a new area and shows this pop up message. Thanks in advance

Sounds like your graphics driver is crashing. Might want to install the latest driver

How do I download maps

Click on the Download button next to 

Optional Maps (2 maps already included in base game)

In the OP

Then double click on the city you want

Will there be an Android version in the near future ?

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someone help me? it asks me for DX11 but I have 12 and I downloaded both files equally but it still says the same thing.

you can have both dx11 and dx12 at the same time, most PCs do

My game wont open.. it says " DX11 FEATURE LEVEL 10 IS REQUIRED TO RUN THE ENGINE " so i installed " isual C ++ Redistributable" as you said in the instructions, but it still isn't working, is it because my computer doesn't support the game or something like that or am I doing something wrong? (I'm not American, so sorry about my grammar )


Great game for independent Dev. I have some questions, is there any cheat that could increase my perks point? And how  to change my char race other than human?

load preset > tick blend > select orc / elf / vampire
Change your first name to Vinfamy > Confirm > Esc > Edit Stats > increase perk points

I cant open the game..


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